At SAGE, we give you a holistic experience where we offer farm fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Fresh Homemade Products, Dairy Products, Country Chicken & Eggs, Fresh Seafood. We get farm fresh, organic produce from our farm in Shankarpally, and other farmers. We make fresh homemade products such as: Paneer, Ghee, Mozzarella Cheese, Peanut Butter, Hummus, right in our own kitchen. We source Free-Range Eggs, and pure Milk. We also source Fresh Seafood which comes fresh from Vishakapatnam.





We offer the most authentic quality of natural produce. Our Fruits & Vegetables come fresh from the farm on Wednesdays. We take pre-orders on Mondays & Tuesdays, and on Wednesdays the produce will be available for pick-up & home delivery. Fresh homemade products are made in our own kitchen based on your order. Organic groceries are available in our store which we procure from local farmers as well as other vendors. Fresh Seafood comes from our fishermen in Vishakapatnam every Saturdays, and is avialable for pick-up & home delivery.



Fruits & Vegetables are transported from our farm to our store in a refrigerated truck to ensure that their freshness remain preserved. If you choose to pick-up from our store, we keep it in a cold storage facility in our store. If you opt for home delivery, the produce gets delivered in our cold truck to your door step, ensuring that your order remains fresh. Homemade products are made & baked based on your order with fresh milk, eggs, cold-pressed oils, spices, fruits & vegetables. Seafood arrives from Vishakapatnam on Saturday or Sunday morning, and by afternoon we deliver it to your home.


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Our visit to the farm was so delightful. I was thrilled to see the cage free birds and organic farming practices live. My mother does her bit at home and this visit was so inspiring for me and Sharath. Will come back to Sage the next time I'm in Hyderabad
Our Daughter loves Pizza , but we can't let eat the Greesy ones outside , which are very unhealthy... happy to find one with Heart & soul in it .. God bless Sage

I’ve been to SAGE a couple of times and I love the food here especially because everything is organic and fresh. They tweak their menu daily based on the produce that arrives each day. But they also have a few regulars on the menu.

Anusha Punjala

Excellent place tucked away from the main road. The food options are few but are delicious. Healthy and tasty food in a warm environment setting with open spaces and natural lighting. The organic store next door has lots of great options too.
Krishna Chaitanya

The only organic farm to table restaurant in Hyderabad. Excellent home-made food, soups salads, pizzas, desserts...but don't expect biryani here. Also great omelettes and ragi dosas for breakfast.

We also take orders for farm fresh fruits & vegetables.

To learn more, please call us: 9849-415-500.